About Kirkland

Kirkland Signature Minoxidil helps regrow hair lost through pattern baldness as well as preventing further hair loss. It is available as both a foam and a solution and is typically sold at 5% strength. Kirkland’s product is significantly cheaper than Regaine but is medically identical. Twelve to fourteen months of application is needed for best results to be achieved, and the treatment must be continued even after results are achieved to prevent a return of the effects of pattern baldness.

Kirkland Minoxidil a brand of topical minoxidil hair loss products that has become the gold-standard of generic minoxidil medication. The product is marketed in the USA by the Costco Wholesale Company, but is readily available across many countries in the world – including in the United Kingdom.

Kirkland is a brand of generic medications that offers substantial discounts on branded alternatives. They offer many different products, most of which have no relation to hair less – for instance sleeping aids and allergy medication. However their Kirkland Minoxidil product is their best seller in the UK and hair growth is therefore what the brand is typically associated with. Kirkland offer several different minoxidil based products that are typically in the same strength and application method as the more expensive Regaine brand.


In June 2010 Kirkland began marketing Kirklands Minoxidil Extra Strength. This is now the most popular of Kirkland’s hair loss products due to the higher percentage of minoxidil at 5%. While the higher percentage typically does not increase the speed of hair growth significantly, it does lead to increased growth and can lead to a fuller head of hair than the 2% product.

Kirkland developed a new foam product, similar to Regaine’s foam, and began selling the product in April 2012. This 5% foam proved an instant hit with many customers reporting that they preferred the product to the more expensive offering from Regaine. The foam product is applied differently to the liquid product, using a massaging motion of the fingers on the scalp. The new Kirkland foam product is preferred by many customers to the liquid solution due to the ease with which the product can be applied, the lack of residue and the increased speed of drying. Many already using the liquid based product have adopted the foam as an additional product, using one of the products at night and one in the morning.

More recently Kirkland have developed a new version of their Extra Strength topically applied solution on which marketing began in August 2013. The update is largely a marketing one with and the active ingredient has remained identical, and the change is similar to previous marketing updates that required regulatory approval, for instance on the same product in 2012.

Kirkland’s product have gained a great reputation among those seeking to reverse their hair loss. Many switch to the product from Regaine because of the price difference and not only see identical results but often prefer the product. Kirkland is on track to become the most popular minoxidil brand in the UK and in the process of doing so is opening up hair loss treatment to those who previously were believed treatment was out of their reach.

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