Do You Fake It?

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To fake it, is more expectable now than ever before. Whether it’s the ‘Chanel of Faux’ Abigail Ahern or the wedding silk flowers bosses like ‘Friend of Faux’ there really are many many ways to introduce the zero hassle flower option into your life.

Like I say on my website, there’s no more “How have I killed another plant?!” and in the world of fake flowers, there’s many super stylish ways that people are now introducing them into their homes.

If you’re a jungalow buff, then your instagram feed and pinterest boards with be full of super sexy Aussie homes with the most wonderfully healthy, tropical, urban oasis’. But I must admit, most of my friends do struggle to keep this look going month after month. Whether it’s an Aleo, Yucca or the good ol’ cheese plant, not everyone is graced with 10 green fingers. So many more are opting for the low maintenance version, and let me tell you, there are P L E N T Y of fabulous fake options out there.



Abigail Ahearn’s faux flower collection Heals – London UK


Friend Of Faux – wedding flowers for hire


Hanging Fox stem – Vestahome

Now, Instagram is a hive of interior enthusiasts and houseplant lovin’ jungalow freaks. Me being one of them. So i wanted to share some of my favourite real homes on instagram that are featuring the increasingly loved fake plant option.


Catherine’s Decor – Beautiful faux cactus here from Abigail Ahern. Her home is interesting, on trend and ecelectic with looking cluttered and chaotic. Fabulous.


These Camboo Bamboo sprouts are £12.50 each and avaliable at Seen here being showcased beautifully in Jenny’s super stylish mid century home.


At Home with Daisy – One of the most beautiful dark interiors i’ve seen, and the place is full of beautiful botanicals. Its sleek, stylish and seductivly designed. I’d happily live here.

So, with all being said and done,  i do still love a real house plant. I love watching it grow and I appriciate the natural textures and colours. I love collecting them all over time.  I enjoy moving them around to different spaces in the home depending on the time of year or mood. Giving them a ‘faf’ as people say. But i must admit, the faux flower movement has come on leaps and bounds, and i love the theatre that can be created with them when displayed all together. You can’t deny the enjoyment of spending money on a fake plant that always looks fresh, with zero effort.

So go on. Have a go yourself at faking it. After all, we’ve all done it.